Baby Chicks 2021

farmstay chicks

This spring we watched three Silkie hens go broody all at the same time….

Oh no! What to do?

Well, we reckoned that fair is fair, so we gave each hen two eggs apiece to sit upon. And after 21 days of absolute motherly dedication, the big day arrived on 6 September, when five baby chooks greeted us with happy peeps and hungry beaks!

We are pleased to report that the babies are growing fast and eating everything in sight. They particularly love gobbling up chopped hard-boiled eggs. Other favourites include cooked rice, organic chick starter feed, and of course lots of bugs.

Neighbours and guests are always welcome to help us with the feeding chores. Last weekend, 18-month-old Evie (from the property next door) provided invaluable assistance, distributing a bowl of leftover rice to an adoring flock of hens and one rooster. Speaking of roosters —

So, now the big question is:

How many new roosters will there be?